Social Media affecting Mental Health

Social Media has taken over every industry, nothing is really complete without putting it up on Social Media. No matter which channel of social media we’re talking mainly about, it has literally turned the tables for each and every entity. Today, I’m going to share what I have gone through and how social media took a toll on my mental health and how I managed to somehow come out of it and have my mental peace. So let’s talk about my experience with Instagram as the main source of Social Media in my life when it started affecting me and what all I experienced during this entire situation.

A Content Creator, has to check and do the research for long hours and then plan new ideas according to what’s trending or relatable to his/her audience. The apocalypse did change the entire dynamics of the world, it was pretty hard to see creators coming up with new and innovative ideas every single second. Especially during the lockdown period many people that I know also suffered with the same issues. Basically the most upsetting thing was, ideas being in our heads or in our to-do lists, being executed in front of our eyes by other creators. I even had a spat with a fellow creator, because we had similar ideas being executed around the same time. Every creator was going through some kind of creative block in this period.

In these circumstances many creators started pushing themselves beyond limit, resulting in either getting physically or emotionally hurt. I personally went through a lot of days where I just didn’t feel like shooting, where my spirits were at an absolute low point and I wasn’t happy with my career, my career choices and a lot more. It took a toll on me so bad that I used to be frustrated at all times, mostly taking it out on random people on small easily avoidable issues. It surely does happen with me every now and then but I try to focus every feeling into creating something new and focus on getting better and that’s the best thing you can do.

Social Media Detox is another really effective solution to this problem. Take some days/weeks/months off whichever works best for you. It helps you to realize that the real world isn’t what you see on social media channels but actually what’s around you on the outside. Social Media is more of a fantasy world and one should always remember, everything that you see online isn’t the entire or as a matter of fact, not even a real story. Many happy faces, might be having a turmoil inside them or facing some real life crisis, one will never know. We need to establish a sense of distinction between the reality and the made-up world. Create Content, Don’t Hate and try and stay in the Real World.