How to Grow On Instagram Organically! (2020 Edition)

Hi, my blog fam as you all know I am a Fashion/Style Content Creator and Instagram is my main social media channel. I have been there on the platform since the last 4 years and I have come across a lot of changes in their algorithm and worked my page through it. I am not an expert in marketing but an advice coming from first hand experience is sometimes all you need to rebuild and grow. I am going to discuss, the do’s and don’ts with you all and these are 100% effective. Even if for some reason they don’t work, you’d not be risking your profile to anything. So let’s get started.

DO- Use all the 5 Platforms

If we talk about all the 5 platforms on Instagram, we have Feed, Story, Live, IGTV & Reels (brand new). Research suggests we should use all these platforms equally. Although, honestly using all of them equally is quite difficult to manage but we can surely give it a try right? One thing to keep in mind is use anything & everything that’s new on the platform, since these days REELS are introduced for the first time & Instagram is putting in extra effort to promote Reels, you will definitely get a lot of exposure out of it as the Reels directly go to the Explore section which is a huge deal. Also, never ignore any platform, I have done that in the past and it hampered my growth for a long time.

Do Engage/ Don't Buy Fake anything

Engaging on your comment section is extremely important to be close to your audience and taking that conversation to DMs is even better. While spending time on exploring content, try and leave genuine comments on your favourite posts. Be as REAL as possible and connect with your followers on a personal note every now and then, don’t make them feel you’re out of reach, this won’t be beneficial for you in the longer run. Don’t Buy Fake Folllowers/Likes/Comments nothing of any sort. It will just disturb your authentic engagement and over the course of time you’ll suffer the consequences. Believe you me, this should not even be in your to-do list EVER.

Use Stories as much as posible

Instagram stories come with a variety of options/features/effects and what not, we should make the most out of it. Stories last for only 24 hours but if somebody who's new to your profile wants to know more about you, they’ll checkout your story section and they’ll be pleased if they see some Bts/Real life shenanigans happening out there. Also, try and use the interactive stickers on stories as much as possible like QnA/Polls/Quiz/Emoji Sliders. The more your audience interacts with your story and spends time on your profile, more chances are there for you to grow stronger. (Insider Tip - Instagram’s default sound is Mute therefore if there’s a video on your story, people who don’t turn up the volume won’t be able to hear anything. Try & explain the gist or at least the title whenever you upload a Video on Story).

Content that Works for me

Spending all these years fully committing to my page, has paid me well but surely not enough and there’s still a long way to go. However, I’d like to share some tips and tricks with y’all which will help you grow as a creator. Over the time I noticed, putting out ‘just pictures’ wasn’t serving me any good, instead handing out knowledge that I have and expertise over, is what my audience appreciated more & responded to. Leaving your audience wondering and confused is not what we want. We should be aiming for, to leave them amazed and inspired by the hard work, by actually showing them the hard work in some or the other way from time to time. While creating content we should never forget that we all are humans, we all adapt to some strategies while working and how we can give some inside information to our audience is what the audience really appreciates.