Celebrity Outfit Recreations

Hello fam, welcome to my abode. This space is truly and passionately dedicated to Fashion and will stick to it by every means. This is my very first article and it’s going to be all about the trending “Celebrity Recreation” concept which is doing rounds all around the world especially in this pandemic. The apocalypse has surely devastated a lot around the globe but staying at home to keep us and our loved ones safe is one thing but if we look on the other side it is extremely important we keep ourselves sane amidst this crisis. One such concept reappeared in this period and it seems it’s not taking a back seat anytime soon.

Celebrities have been a source of inspiration to many in a lot of ways and for us as fashion/style junkies, all we look at, are the ways we can create something from their looks and still have our taste in it. Creators have made the best of their creativity and aesthetics in this time period and one such creator is here writing it all down for you guys. I would like to share some of my recreations on this platform and actually reveal why I plan on continuing this on my social media channels. Recreating a Celebrity Look has been inspiring for me in a lot of ways. It has taught me how you can make the most of the things you have in your wardrobe without spending truckloads of money on clothing and accessories. While recreating I realized I actually owned a lot many clothes than I never thought I had. It made me learn many new color combinations I never would’ve gone for, had it not been for recreating a particular look.

This is exactly how we grow, learn, create and inspire. Starting off with some most loved Tv Series like “Friends” “Gossip Girl” “Sex and the City” I also recreated street style looks of some renowned Hollywood/Bollywood Models. It has been quite a journey in this field of fashion but as you come along, you realize the potential in it is endless. You’ll grow with every new work that you undertake and you’ll learn with every step you take, a step closer to your goal and all you’ll have with you, will be experience and expertise with time. The obstacles you face are inevitable but they shouldn’t stop you if you’re determined to overcome them and come out even stronger. I feel recreating has bloomed my creative side even more and I won’t be backing down from it anytime soon. Will catch you people real soon with another Recreation Blog. LOVE <3 Akshita