Which Skirt to Invest in 2020?

Hello my loves, welcome back to my Fashion Blog Page. Today we’re going to talk about ‘the skirt’ which is just one step away from becoming a wardrobe staple. We are talking about none other than the very famous Satin or commonly known as Slip Skirt. I did some research on my end and got to know a lot about the fabric used and to my surprise I got to know that Satin is not actually a Fabric Type but a Weave. This weave is suitable only for long filament yarns hence works best on Silk thus Silk/Satin is an acquainted term and works with polyester/rayon as they can be moulded into long filament fibres. I have here with me an unusual yet a very fun and stylish piece, Rust color in Satin weave. What makes the Satin weave alluring is the fact that it comes with a natural shiny/glossy look to it and the drape is beautiful.

1. Date Night

The skirt has got you covered, quite literally as well ;) A delicate piece always does great with another delicate separate. In this case camisole is the ones making the outfit completely stand out. I am wearing a black lace top paired with bling earrings (because a li'l bling never hurts right?) and heels and clutch to finish off the look along with some accessories and dewy makeup with lots of highlighter. (p.s you got to glow for your date girl ;) ) Chic, elegant & minimal if you're somebody who doesn't need to add lots of layering. You can also go for a bralette if you’re comfortable and you’re all set for a date night.

2. Preppy Look

Mixing formals with informals is quite a literal definition of the word ‘preppy’ and here I am putting my knowledge to use by mixing the blazer combination with the skirt and chunky shoes/stilettos. If you swap the look with heels and a bun, you’ll surely be ready for a meeting as well ;) This is in fact just the beginning of how versatile this skirt can be. Here I have gone in complete contrast with my choice of blazer which is in blue shade and to top it off also breaking the plain monotony with some stripes and cinching your waist and giving a structure to your ensemble never hurts.

3. Street Style 1.0

Whenever we hear the word ‘streetstyle” it sure as hell rings the bell and you are reminded of those sassy sometimes quirky Streetstyle Hollywood Celebrities Looks! They are surely quite an inspiration to all of us fashion nerds. One such style is Street Style worthy of a paparazzi session as well. Pairing the iconic slip skirt with a lace cami, oversized jumper, casual shoes with a clutch and you’re ready to hit the streets. To rock this look you need to invest in oversized jumpers be it long or even cropped and there’s never a question of adding boots, if you have a stunning pair, it goes without saying.

4. Unconventional Styling

Under this section we can actually style this piece with some separates that you don’t usually see in the market but definitely try them on and make your own statement. In this picture I have worn it in 5 different styles, one with my dad’s cravat and in the next his shirt and tie and then with some animal prints. You can literally pair it with a lot of pieces, also reuse one shirt in three different ways. Take a closer look and you’ll notice. Go minmal with accessories to bring the focus more on the unconventional pieces and complement the look with chunky shoes or maybe strappy heels.

5. Street Style 2.0

Street Style is not a full story if we aren’t taking logo/graphic tees into consideration. Let’s just say it’s needless to say that a satin skirt has options with tees as well because honestly you can’t even count the number of choices you have in this section. A pair of chunky sneakers and an oversized tee, you’re perfectly ready to grab eyeballs down the street. Here I have styled them with my brother’s tees and one being mine as well in this. Each color combo is unique and worth giving a try. I hope y’all enjoyed the styling therapy with me, will come again soon with another blog on styling. LOVE <3 Akshita