About Me

Akshita Vohra

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is Instant Language.” – Miuccia Prada. This is what I swear by and what I firmly believe in. I have been conscious of what I wear since my childhood. For me, Fashion is an easy visual communication of your personality to the world, everything else comes after the first impression. This thought never left my mind and I never let this take a back seat in my life. Thus, everything that I do today and dream of doing in the future is in the field of Fashion. Hello, all I am Akshita Vohra, a Fashion/Style Content Creator & a Fashion Design Graduate. I daydream as my horoscope "pisces" suggests. I dream & then I strive hard to achieve it. It's been almost 4 years now, since I've stepped into this journey and it's been a joyous ride with certain ordeals, like every other profession has. I aspire to inspire people with my styling ideas and run my own fashion business one day.

My Journey till now

This field is not all about Designing but a lot more that comes along with it. A Design doesn't reach out to its customers itself, it requires advertising on various platforms through discrete sources, to make a name in the market & this is where my field of Content Creation steps in. My passion for being well-dressed and up to date at all times, led me to switch my Non-Medical stream’s pathway to a completely unexplored path & a new one for my family as well. The reason I am here presenting my website to all you people out there is my family’s unconditional support throughout. This field has a lot in it and there’s a long journey ahead of me but here I am a step closer. This website will be having all the ideas you need to style yourself with a casual wardrobe & still look chic and elegant. I am passionate about recreating celebrity looks because it enlightens me with a lot of unexplored color combinations and mis-match which I would never have tried on my own. On every step there’s learning and this is how we’ll grow together. Let’s explore the Versatile World of Fashion with Me <3