Journey: Non-Medical to Fashion

Hey, welcome to my lifestyle blog 1.0 This section will all be about my life and what goes on in it on a regular basis with some major changes if any. Talking about drastic changes, I do have one which surely changed the entire world for me. Let’s rewind some years and get into that time when I was in high school. I was a bright kid and got 10 CGPA in X standard and that’s how I made a very crucial decision of the stream that I was going to opt for the next year, based on how good I was in X standard Science and Maths.

Well, I hope most of you out there can easily relate to it as this is a stereotypical method of deciding on your stream which has been going on in Indian households since a long time. This is how I ended up taking Non-Medical (yeah right! I’m a science student :p) and geared up to be an engineer and studied in the deemed coaching classes. Although, I never regretted taking up science stream as it surely taught me a lot and I am happy I am equipped with all that knowledge, however it was not necessary for a Fashion Field. Anyhow, this is what I pursued which made me realize hopefully early (just before my XII board exams :p) that engineering was not my cup of tea and somehow that naïve mind was ready to give it all up to pursue a fashion related course.

Journey from Non-Medical to Fashion was quite a ride. Convincing my parents was a huge ordeal, as even they were new to this kind of career option and were skeptical about it but they believed in me and have always given me the freedom to make my own decisions. Talking about what all I do, let’s jump into the next step where I started my Blogging/Content Creation journey. I started with my graduation in Fashion Designing and that is how I was introduced to the concept of blogging. From the first year of college I started my blog on Wordpress and a page on Instagram just with the thought of staying connected to my fashion field, little did I know, it would open up a whole new room of opportunities for me.

The Instagram Page started landing me up collaborations and one thing led to another. It was definitely a slow start considering Chandigarh was not that exposed to social media, its widespread perks and career options as compared to Metro Cities. However after just one year into the journey I started earning from the page. I still believe there’s a lot of potential in terms of the amount I get for my content but still I am satisfied that I have built something which will pay off one day eventually and hard work never disappoints. This was just a short excerpt of my journey till date and here I am beginning with a new one with my own website. I hope that will help all you people out there to take that bold step and don’t wait for any sign to make things happen.