Step by Step Makeup Guide

Wear it like you Own it! Well, makeup products demand a lot of investment and quite literally burns a hole in our pocket, we know we own every bit of it ;) This Blog is going to be all about what all steps are needed to pull off a full coverage makeup as a beginner. So basically as a beginner we don’t really own all the products needed but we do have the basic ones right? This is how we’ll be going about it in this blog, learn how to put together a complete look with limited products & the order of applying these products.


1. Moisturizer & Sun-screen - I’m sure all of us own these two mentioned above and before beginning with all of this we need to make sure we have a healthy skincare routine and these two are absolutely essential for this process. So basically moisturizer/sun-screen Is to prep your skin for the loads of layering it’ll be getting after that and also to protect from the aftermath. 2. Foundation - Well, now this is the very first thing that should come into your mind while buying makeup for the very first time, if you need a full coverage makeup, you need to go ahead with this. This is the step where you apply it on your entire face,neck and ears and make it all even with the help of a soaked blender.

Concealer/Contour/Loose Powder

3. Concealer - This comes in as the next step, here considering we have limited number of products. This one’s a must have and needs to be applied for a highlight your face in the areas which are light naturally compared to the rest of your face. 4. Contour - Talking about sharp features nothing serves it better than a contoured face. Making your face look thin at all the desired areas. 5. Loose Powder - Considering you’re a beginner, there’s no need to invest in this product but if you are somebody who gets a lot of sweat especially in the T Zone, you definitely need to have this. It helps your makeup stay longer and in its place even in humid temperatures.

Eye Shadow/Blush

6. Basic Eye Shadow Palette - Eye Makeup should be the first thing even before foundation but since we’re talking about beginners here it won’t be wrong to assume we’ll be a little slow in adapting to completely loaded eyelids in the very first go! Am I right girls? Haha! so basic eye makeup can also be done later on very easily. 7. Blush - This is absolutely essential to give your face all the natural look it has when it’s off makeup. So make sure you apply blush and also sometimes a bronzer would work instead, if you’d like to go for a Brown Makeup!

Mascara/Lip Shade

8. Mascara - Let’s not forget the most attractive part of our face is our eyes and even if they have a basic nude/minimal eye shadow if you wear mascara you’re uplifting the look to a whole another level at that very moment. 9. Lipstick - Assuming and considering we aren’t paying any attention to our brows if they ‘at least’ exist since I never cared about my eyebrows until I actually figured out they made a huge difference. We’ll be moving on to the last step which is staining our lips. Lipper can be anything from glossy/matte/creamy it totally depends on your take and that’s how you’ll finish a face full of makeup but doing everything step by step. LOVE <3 Akshita