Winter Wear!


Hello, guys! Winters are here 😀

Yeah, I know that you all know, but do you think of wearing dresses this winter? Of course, every girl does think, but even with stockings, you don’t feel warm because the dress is not warm.So here I present you  a dress which is warm enough to wear without stockings and coat during the day.I’m not only going to show you the pictures but also provide you with the name of the store where you can get it.

The Needle Story! 

That name sounds familiar, no ? If you are a regular reader of my blog then you’ll definitely be knowing of this amazing clothing store and the designer behind it. My friend Shubham Singla has some great designs for this winter in his store and guess what girls ? at extremely reasonable prices.


Striped Midi Dress with a Slit!









Designer : Shubham Singla
Instagram :@shubham_singla_designer
Store: The Needle Story (Facebook,Instagram)

Model and Stylist: Akshita Vohra
Instagram: @fashionfeedweb
Facebook: Fashionfeedweb

Thank-you !

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