Summer Essentials!

Welcome back to my blog guys.

Summers are just round the corner and I’m sure we’re all geared up for it.
Are you all ready for the scorching heat? 😀 😀
I’m sure yáll are, but only mentally maybe? Physically you might be prepapring yourself right guys?
Haha! now for girls it means a zillion little things and for boys……. they don’t even have a tiniest bit of concern ;P

Girls! I understand the pain……. there’s waxing there’s your skin which needs to be prepped before stepping out, thinking about controlling weight maybe? to wear those mini skirts 😀 sleeveless tops or ganjis and shorts…..

It’s a bundle of tasks which needs to be finished before we actually enter the Summers! Well, I guess I left something really Important i.e


Shopping has been a part of our regime always but let’s shop wisely this time….
Let’s study the trends carefully with me and then plan out a day for your Shopping!

Guys I know every Fashion Freak has the knowledge of what was up on the runway but let’s be practical those clothes can’t be there in your wardrobe so why not study the trends separately…
I have Jotted Down certain essential Trends which will make your Season Special this year.


  • See Through Fashion has literally made it’s way to the Top. Be it for Glamour or Athleisure Mesh has its hold on every Type. Be it Embroidered or in amalgamation of Lace It has been the most loved trend last Season and has come for us this Season again.

  • High-Waisted Pants/Jeans The trend which made us all Swoon over it the last year is back again with some captivating ammendments. You must have seen almost all Bollywood Celebs wearing High Waisted Side Slit Button-up Pants. That’s the hottest trend of the season and you might not want to leave it so easily. Go lay your hands on them as they are available on Shein and Zara Image result for Button up pants
  • Image result for Button up pants     Image result for Button up pants
  • Double Side Striped Jeggings/Jeans These are equally in demand this season as the previous ones. Looking for some modish yet minimal basics? These are the new go to…… Pair them up with crop tops either fitted or boxy, shirts, bodysuits.
    Image result for Double side striped jeggings                       Image result for Double side striped jeggings   Related image        Image result for Double side striped jeggings 

    Related image
  • Ruffles To add an element of easy movement and flounce to your outfit we have Ruffles back again and this time maybe with a little extra layering. Are you guys ready for it? Pink Esme Ruffles Shirt

  • Slip Ons Be it your Slides, your Loafers, your Mules….. this Season has a lot for you and wants you to grab it at the earliest so just Slide In and GO! 


  • Wrap Dresses/Tops Let the crowd go crazy over the minimalistic and glamorous Wrap outfit this Summer!


  • Statement Sleeves Sleeves haven’t stopped making their statement this year as well. We can find them in every third top and that is what is making our Summers all full of Joy and Freedom.

Most of these pictures are from @koovs and @stalkbuylove Feel free to drop in your queries and comments. Till then Stay Tuned to Fashionfeedweb
Love ❤️



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