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Hola!!! People💖

The shoot I’m going to upload on this blog got me all chirpy because of its stripes, but where it got me happy it also gave me a savage look due to my hairstyle and I find that a pretty good combination as that what girls are like.Cheerful as well as fierce.These two sides are revealed completely only when the situation comes else you’ll (boys) always find your girl doing all crazy stupid stuff because of a small child that resides in her all the time.

Stripes are my thing which I have discovered recently because I find too many stripes in my wardrobe lately and that too horizontal ones.Well it is pretty much recommended for girls who feel they are hefty not to wear horizontal stripes as that will highlight your stomach more but still I went for it because I think it suits me ,so do as you like girlies, if you are confident in your attire then nothing else or nobody else’s opinion matters.

Here I go with the pictures.

Not to forget the flared pants from the previous post I have them in here too.







Caught in the act (totally candid).


Thank you for being Stripelicious with me.



Boots- Chief Boot House

Signing off.
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