Spring is here!

Spring is here !

Welcome back to my blog guys.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to a very Unique Emerging Designer Label!

It has it’s name Special and so are the designs.

Fashionfeedweb X SpiinkOfficial

This Label has a variety of gowns,dresses,tops and skirts which are totally different from what you generally see in the market. I personally feel it’s good to go by the trends but you cannot buy all which is Trending because then you would all look the same believe me it does look like that. Even I don’t shop like this……. It’s good to take a step forward and enter into a different style.

This is what this brand will help you do. It will make sure the trendy elements are there in your outfit but it will set you apart through its designing and fabric.

Each and every look is worth seeing and doing the experiment. Either some garments have their focus on your waistline or accentuated neckline, sleeves and much more.

I am here to show you one such dress and include the shop link for that particular dress and also the link to their website.

My 👗 is called as High-Low Knot Dress

It is basically one-shoulder dress and you have a big knot on the other shoulder which is actually a very trending style in today’s party garments. Everyone must be aware of what celebrities wear for their Events and Shows.

Girls! Are you listening it’s something like that 😍

I mean how exciting….. Each design will make you feel to wear it right away.

Okay so here I go with my pictures…..

Can you see that Beautiful KNOT right there 😍😍

And here I go with the Sexy Back Picture ❤️

The Fabric is stretchable, body hugging and feels very soft on your skin.. So don’t you worry girls their clothes will keep your skin and take care of it like a baby.

This is a Small Boomerang explaining my Excitement Level❤️❤️❤️

Alright so guys here is the shop link to this particular knot dress 💓

Knot Dress

And this is the Site you can visit for more such glamorous dresses. Spiink

Styling- This Dress required a very neat yet glam look therefore I chose to do a side bun also to highlight the design of the dress and chose a Floral Background as the Perfect Choice to compliment this Party Piece! 💜💛

Guys Stay Tuned for more such Review Blog Posts.

Till then stay connected to

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