Scarves-Adding a Life to your OOTD!

Welcome, back to my blog guys……

I am once again here with the continuation of my previous blog post. This will be leading to a couple of scarves from the same theme-Roses by the Designer Gahna Gupta

She is an amazing person, a cheerful bubbly personality with a lot more seriousness in her life towards her career her passion i.e designing.

What makes a product even worth watching leave aside buying….. It’s the thought that is put into it.

She has made incredible efforts to bring out an artistic edge in a basic separate like Scarf!

A contemporary touch to your scarf and a modified basic look would do no harm to your Everyday Fashion Look! Isn’t it time to step up your daily style game a little?

Well, yes it is…… Ditch those regular top and jeans and add an element, an eye-catching element to your basic Outfit!

Here are the pictures and some ideas of styling them.

Also, I would like to mention that I’ve tried to create a Story with every piece. I hope you all enjoy❤️

Scarf- 4 – Victorian Era Feels!

Scarf-6- Cladded up in a Smart Attire!

Scarf-7 Color Combination has a Strong Impact!

Scarf-8 Mafia Look! 😁



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