Roses doing a Wonderful Job!

Theme has done it’s work and now it’s time to show the power of styling.

Welcome back to my Blog guys.

This blog is all about scarves. These scarves aren’t ordinary as they are theme based and there’s a lot of hard work put into them. The designing of scarves is inspired by roses……..

The scarves are available in a variety of colors with a variety of designs which includes embroidery and hand painting. They are specially made for those who love to have an artistic edge in their outfits.

I’ll be showing the scarves one by one with the looks that I created with them.

Look 1/2 – How about lighting up and adding a little quirk to an all black attire?

Let’s see how it went!



Look3/4– When all you got to do is colour co-ordinate and you’re ready to go.



To be continued guys………..

(Click on the link above to order or know more about these scarves)

Thank you ♥️



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