Fest!-Time to dress your Best.

Hello! guys <3

It’s been a lot of fun blogging till date and I have been regular recently, well I don’t how many of you genuinely like what I post and whether you find my blogs good or not, either way, I will keep on posting and fulfilling the demands of my followers.

I’ve received a good feedback from my Instagram followers and I know they anticipate a lot from me.I know they expect me to upload a new look of me every day and I try to do that as much as I can.I’ve not become a known personality yet, there’s a long way to go but this is the first step I believe and I have full faith in my followers that they’ll help me achieve my goal, after all, you people make me post a new blog altogether with new hopes every time.

So talking about this blog, this was the second day of Chitkara Students’ Fest-Explore 2k17 Rajpura.I wanted to put up an ensemble which could actually create a statement with my statement jewelry of course. Well, you have a lot of options for a fest which goes the whole day long but if you want to stand out you need to consider what kind of fest it is and at what time you are going. I went there in the evening and was there till it got over at night.

It was a Music Fest and a very famous Punjabi Singer came named ‘HARDY SANDHU’.
You should be dressing up keeping all these things in mind such as:
1. Music Fest
2. Punjabi Songs
3. Event at night
4. Outfit in which you can dance easily.(you may be wondering where ‘dancing’ came from haha, it’s a must for Punjabis, well I am not one but now I live here, I am used to it and I love it)

So after all that I blabbered I would like to show you my Outfit and Look for “the” Night.

( Makeup done by me for the very first time 😀 )

The Complete Outfit that I’m going to show you, people, now is completely Bohemian from top to bottom because of the Hairstyle, Boho Jewellery, and Gladiators.

Outfit Details:

Top- @koovs.com                                             Jeans-Levis                                                         Gladiators-mywestside.com                          Jewelry-Street market Chandigarh







At last, there was some fun time with my girlfriends would like to show you all that too 😀


Thank you for going through my blog.
Stay Tuned.
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Love <3
Akshita Vohra (Model, Fashion Blogger, Fashion Stylist)


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