Fashion Terminologies -The very Basic Step

SILHOUETTE: The outline of a garment.If you were to squint your eyes and look at any garment you would be able to notice it’s outlined ,that’s the Silhouette.

Haute Couture : High-end Fashion ,which requires high dressmaking,high sewing,intensive labour and intricate work .It takes a long time and is specially made for a single person ; what we say for Elite Class .

Pret-a-PORTER: (RTW) Ready To Wear garments . Ordered on the basis of the showcase of those garments on the ramp.

Fad: Fad fashion is  a short term fashion ,it comes n goes easily ,eg. sequined tops,crop tops,neon clothing etc.

Ford: Ford fashion is a long term fashion. eg. polka dots.

Classic : Classic fashion is basically the fashion which never goes out of trend ,it remains fresh ,what we say it’s evergreen. Basically those garments which can be worn any where. eg. saree

Avant Garde : The non-practical garments,those which are made to inspire the designers and the audiences,they cannot be worn on  a daily basis as the name suggests.

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