Eye-Catchy Eyewear

IDEE Eyewear!

Welcome back to my blog guys. Today I am very excited to write this blog and present it in front of you guys as this is for a very popular brand Idee .

I received two pairs of sunglasses by Idee and I totally loved them. As the title of my blog says, they are absolutely eye-catching. The cases in which they were packed were so edgy and chic.

I totally believe in the saying- “Sunglasses are like eye-shadow they make everything look young and pretty”.

Sunglasses come into basic accessories but they aren’t commonly carried well. First of all the selection should be impressive and for that there needs to be a lot of variety which is fulfilled by this brand. Sunglasses also have different shapes and different names. Each resulting into a different look when worn. Today I’m here to show you two of my most fav. Pieces from Idee and the way I wore it.

Two-Toned Aviators

Cat Eye Sunglasses


Love ❤️


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