Classic Era!

Hi Guys! Welcome back to my Blog.

Today I’m here for a very short blog but an interesting one.

You all must be knowing that I’m from India- Land of rich culture and heritage.

I am extremely fond of the culture that we have and the traditions that we follow. It is so satisfying and connects with you deeply.

This is one of the reasons I love IndianWear and can never leave a Single Chance to don it. This time it is something unique.

As we all know Fashion evolves over the years but it is actually something which is being repeated over and over again with a new style/design every time. But this hasn’t been unclear that some pieces are timeless and priceless. Those are the ones which falls under the Classic Fashion Category.

Classic which remains constant over the years for eg. Saree, Polka dots etc. Same is the case with the Look that I tried to portray this time. It has been priceless ever since it was introduced.

Now, not taking much of your time I’ll show you the pictures of the Look I’m talking about.

This Outfit completely took me into a different era.

The Outfit you must be drooling over is by Saumyas Elegance

Even the beautiful Jewellery that I’m wearing is from there and they basically deal in Fine Silver Jewellery and also other trending pieces.

For this Royal Look a Neat Makeup and also a Strong Makeup was needed. I kept my eyeshadow strong with a bold highlighter.

In order to keep the focus on the jewellery and the garment I did a low side bun with my flicks on one side to add to the grace of the hairstyle.

Would love to know how you liked my makeup and styling.

Lots of Love ❤️


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