Easy and Chic Transition!

Same Attire with Two Discrete Looks!

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. This blog is featuring the very New Raglan Tee from Wolfattire http://www.wolfattire.com

I am always in awe of casual clothing, well that may sound weird but it is absolutely versatile. Believe you me it can change your entire look, all that depends on your styling. The tee that I am talking about is a Grey Black Raglan, absolutely simple, casual and comfy. I have worn the same clothes from top to bottom but I’ve played with the separates in order to create a New Look.

Before moving on with the Looks I would like to explain what A Raglan Is. I am sure many of you must not be knowing which is pretty understandable because you aren’t from fashion field so that’s totally fine because it is a complete Fashion Term. Raglan is basically referred to the sleeves which continue in one piece up to the neck without having any shoulder seams. This can also sound as a Whole Jargon to you but you’ll understand it once you look at the tee and its sleeves.

Coming on to the Attire that I chose to assemble around the tee. I especially did a DIY to my Jeans, as I purely felt the need of Drama to the basic tee. Therefore I DIY’ed my jeans into the Super Trendy Uneven Hem Ripped Jeans. As I also told you in one of my previous blog posts ‘Fishy Net’ that I’ll be wearing the Fishnet Stockings in the Common yet Classy Way i.e beneath the ripped jeans, so this is What I did.

This is the First Look categorized as Grunge Look but a Basic One.

Coming on to My Fav. and the Second Look, it is Grunge too but the difference is that I made a Knot in my tee which is also very Trendy along with that I tied my hair up with a Banana Clip to add the Chic Look to the Attire.

Love <3

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