Boots with Two Shoots!

Hello Fam!
Welcome back to my blog!
Creating a different look each time is my habbit and I can never get tired of it, well I am here as a Fashion Blogger for the same purpose, to showcase a New Style each time I address you people. Today I am here with two completely different Looks with the same pair of boots.
Winter Season is round the corner so this pair is a must have whereas the looks are of Summer Season which you can’t miss before the season gets over. So have a look at them and make sure you guys try it out soon.
The very First Look is inspired from Street Fashion.
I am wearing a black camisole over a black skirt making it look like an LBD and a denim jacket over it paired with my Knee-High Boots from
I have done a strong and bold makeup with smokey eyes and two dutch braids along with hoops as ear accessories to complete the Look!


The Second Look is something which I created as I wanted to wear my Fishnet stockings with shorts and this was the best way to pair all my best pieces in one Look. I am wearing my fav. Oversized Shirt over black shorts having fishnet underneath with my sassy knee-high black boots, wearing a red lipper along with a red handbag and a statement cap to complete my Outfit and make it look like a Rock Band Look!

I hope you all enjoyed the two Outfits and I was able to inspire you guys in some way❤

Have a great day ahead.Till then stay tuned to

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