Anushka Aggarwal Summer Collection!

Summers are here!

Welcome back to my blog people, as all my readers know my tie up with the Designer Label- Anushka Aggarwal as I posted some blogs earlier as well showcasing her collection. This time we did something new with her garments as most of them were made in sets therefore I shot with my Blogger Friend and the shoot came out to be really interesting.

I hope you all will love the theme that we created with her garments. So let’s start and I’ll be explaining simultaneously.


These Garments were so Quirky that I thought of adding some color to the picture

therefore that Yellow is Popping.

Stripes is a Continued Trend from last season and so her garments

with stripesare absolutely in sync with today’s fashion.


The Next Set is called Chirpy Hearts and the pictures are lively and vibrant suiting the collection perfectly.

What we’ve tried to do in our shoots is build a connection between by either looking at each other or by sitting/standing in a way to look connected as the dresses are linked to each other and so are we 😀
Even literally we are connected by Names 😉 Name Twin she is <3

Also I would like to mention we both got vibes by wearing the garment, she( in yellow assymetrical dress) got a pretty vibe whereas me (in black assymetrical dress) got a strong/bold vibe. Therefore if you notice our expressions are conveying that Vibe <3

Guys If you like the garments then you can place the order by messaging Anushka Aggarwal


Outfit Deets :
White Shoes – Truffle Collection
Black Shoes – Koovs

This Blog will be continued as there are more garments to show but till then,
Stay Tuned to @fashionfeedweb

Lots of Love <3


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