An Ageless Expression!

The title of my blog is actually the name of the Collection of one of the student designers from INIFD CHANDIGARH who showcased her garments in London Fashion Week. The Inspiration behind her collection is Madhubani Paintings.

She has created a Fusion between the past and the present through her Royal and Elegant silhouettes and the colors such as Emerald Green,Yellow Ochre, Mahroon,Persian Blue. Specially hand crafted blocks are used for the intricate detailing of her garments along with unique Indian “Zari Embroidery”
The main motif selected is “The Tree of Life” which is all in her collection in golden color.

So hello to everybody I am here to show her one particular garment in detail which I got a chance to wear and show it to the media.






The following one was one of the poses from the show ❤


My Outfit was the one having Yellow Ochre colored  Sharara Palazzo and Mahroon assymetric top.

It was a great experience to wear a designer garment though it wasn’t my first time but still it had it’s own charm because of the designer’s unique thought and expression that was brought out so beautifully in this garment.

Thankyou people!

Signing off

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